Investing in Oil Shares

A 300 page eBook and associated workbooks is available from this site. Price £69

This is almost half the old price of £125

This book explains how to value small oil explorers. Using a fictitious oil company – Dalesmann Oil and Gas,  Investing in Oil Shares gives a worked example, illustrating in detail how to use the Excel Workbooks that accompany Investing in Oil Shares.

Over 220 coloured graphics, 40 tables and around 30 photographs gently guide you through every aspect of researching an Oil and Gas Share,

The Generic Workbook Set allows you to apply the method explained in Investing in Oil Shares to any small to medium sized Oil and Gas Company.

Phil Manton’s Workbooks have allowed him to research many oil stocks, separating the wheat from the chaff.  He has grown his wealth by many multiples using this approach to investment.

The Workbooks have allowed him to monitor the share performance and identify sell targets.

The e-Book takes you through the entire process of investing in oil shares.

Two  Excel Workbook sets accompany Investing in Oil Shares

1) A Generic workbook for your own use – it can be copied as many times as you like to cover all the companies you are researching.

2). Dalesmann Oil and Gas. a fully populated workbook set, used to tell the story and teach you to use each and every component found in the accompanying Workbooks.

Investing in Oil Shares is a complete course on researching Oil and Gas companies.

In addition each purchase will entitle the buyer to a fully completed and up to date LGO Energy Workbook set.

Each workbook set contains 16 individual spreadsheets.

1) A summary page where targets are displayed.

2) The Portfolio Workbook – allowing you to keep track of your investment. Including a section on CFDs

3) The Financial Workbook. This workbook writes a report from data input from the Annual Report.

4) Management – a workbook that assesses the quality of the management.

5) Reserves Analysis – A Net Asset Value based workbook, which is fully explained in Investing in Oil Shares . This workbook outputs Share Price targets.

6) Tax, Capex and Opex – this workbook handles tax, capital expenditure and operating expenditure, reporting its findings back to the Reserves Analysis Workbook.

7) Block Analysis allow you to ascertain what a block or a country is contributing to the share price target (Linked with the reserves Analysis Workbook)

8) DCF – allow a discounted cash-flow to be used in the Reserves Analysis Workbook.

9) The Chance of Success tables allow a COS to be applied to block. (A key variable)

10) Current Production Workbook – gives a valuation based on the current production of oil and gas.

11) Forward Production – allows the researcher to assess the impact of future production on the share price.

12) The Well Tracker Workbook allows the researcher to assess the impact of a single well.

13) The Market Cap Workbook looks at the number of reserves declared by a company and relates this to the Market Capitalisation of the company

14) The Annual Report – allows you to quantify the information contained in this important document

15) Comparative Data Workbook allows trends to be extrapolated from a drilling campaign.

16) Glossary – explains the terms used in the workbooks. A larger glossary may be found in Investing in Oil Shares.

Plus an introductory page

Investing in Oil Shares is a comprehensive manual/ e-Book produced in PDF format  that introduces you to the task of researching small oil shares.

It explains in detail using clear precise steps, each and every element contained in the workbooks.

Phil takes you through the pitfalls of investing in oil shares. He explains the variables that need to be considered and introduces you to key terms including: recovery factors – oil price assumptions – chance of success – oil in place, contingent resources and reserves. By the end of Investing in Oil Shares you will be able to value your own oil shares and have increased your knowledge of investing in the oil sector.

Thousands of hours and 25 years of investing experience have gone into making and populating the information in the Workbooks and in writing Investing in Oil Shares.

The Taster PDF gives a flavour of the content in Investing in Oil Shares.

The cost of the package is £69 which works out at £3.50 per spreadsheet and £9.50 for the e-book.  The LGO fully populated workbook containing all of my research on this share is given as a bonus item  during the time of the current offer which will run to December 2015.  Kind regards Dalesmann. 

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You will need Microsoft Excel or its equivalent to read the workbooks.

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