Dear Investor,

I have been investing in oil shares for over 25 years. Over that time I  have refined my research methods and constructed a series of workbooks that take the hard work out of the equation.

The sum total of my knowledge is encapsulated in the e-book Investing in Oil Shares and the 2 Excel workbooks than accompany this work is now available through this website. The book and associated workbooks represents  my life’s work! It is packed full of new material, full colour graphics, charts and photographs.

Growing up in the Yorkshire Dales and now living on the Isle of Man (Hence Dales-mann) most of my adult life has been in education. I have been an advisor, Headteacher , an Associate Tutor at Cambridge. Nominated for the Teacher of the Year, I was the runner up in the South West region. I taught in Cornwall for over 18years ending my career as Headteacher of Arbory School on the Isle of Man. I retired early to become a full time investor!

My hobbies include sailing, travel and photography. I am an international Yacht Master and have sailed for over 50 years. My wife and I have enjoyed cruising and we hope to take the Queen Mary from Southampton to Perth Australia.

This is my very first blogg spot and website . It has been a pleasure to construct (thanks to Glen at abc web designs IOM) and I have quickly found that my customers soon become my friends! I try to maintain  a personal contact with them .

Many thanks for visiting dalesmann.com

Kind regards

Phil Manton

AKA Dalesmann

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